Okay I went back through my diary, this is what B said to me via email August 11th.

“”I talked to J( guy here at work) and I am filing the application and signing a lease. so…shrug( side note.. Now # 3 has flaked) F!!!

I dont really know what to say either.
Just a song Im listening to at the moment…”

This was when I told him I needed time and all that to think over him moving in and he told me to take all the time I need, when i said I felt pressured. Then he emailed that.

Not long after that I had asked him about the lease, he said “Dont worry about it, the landlord said that he understands people move in and out or change roomates so that is okay, B said he told the guy(the roomate) that this wasnt a long term thing, that hed probably be there, 6 mos to a year”

So I havent heard anything else since. So this AM I emailed and said “So I know you said you signed a lease, whats the move in date and all that?”

To which he writes back….

“dont know. Its up in the air. I have signed nothing. But Im sposed to. move date.. well assuming all moves forward.. sept 15th ish.. or so”


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