Dear Diary,


My gal pal D just called a bit ago. She said she and the BF are planning to get married July 31st. And that they are going to move into a rental house of his parents. She said they have been busy painting it.

She also has her kids for the day as her ex decided he was too busy for them(hmmmm funny how he thinks shes unfit the rest of the time but when it suits him he leaves them with her)

Anyways, I do wonder if D will stick to this plan. Seeing as I was at her house, oh what? A week ago and spoke to her on the phone after that?

She said she thinks it will be good for her and God to marry the boyfriend and will give her “Protection” and also will look better in the legal arena that she is married to this guy and hes not just the boyfriend that her ex can point at any longer and object to if they are husband wife.

Anyways, Im excited for her. What will happen who knows.

I also got an email from my friend, the gal from Film Class. The one who had Graduation party a few weeks ago. She wrote a long ole email. She thanked us for coming, talked about all the work they are doing on their home, talked about she and I going out, shopping, visiting old stores, movies, etc.

So I responded back, so we may get together tonight! Wooohooo! And she said they are going to plan a big party again at there house the end of next month, OOOO LOL thats same time D is talking of getting married. EEEKS.

Anyways, I was just thinking about how cool my classes have been. Ive only taken 3 since my split, but I made a girlfriend in my first class, then I made this friend in my second one.

And its sorta neat to have NEW friends, friends of my OWN, Friends not a part of my old life. And I dont mind that they are married couples either. I think its good, its good to be around.

But you know something, a lot more married women, well ones Ive met these days, are the ones who arent totally pleased in the marriage and eyeing men around them more, or tempted. Not to say the men arent, Im just not talking to men is all. I guess Im just shocked by it is all.

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