Great Mommys Day

Dear Diary,

Its amazing what can happen when you make a change in attitude.

I feel I have partly done so.

But so has B also.

I had a fantastic weekend. I just looked at this guy and couldnt stop hugging and kissing him.

I realized how little praise I give and acknowledgement for the good things and the changes he has made, instead I jump all over anything I feel he hasnt done.

We had a nice weekend.

He came up Saturday, he hung out, I had some stuff to do before we headed down to see his family. We finally left a little after 1pm. UGH, traffic! We were stuck in traffic, forever it felt like! BLECH!

B said “See this is why when I lived down here I never went very far, cause it was too much of a pain to leave” We had to go down near LAX airport and it was horrible for a good hour or more.

I was driving and when you drive stick, well your leg gets tired, and its not like we could pull over and swap drivers as we were in the fast lane. And B’s calves were super sore also.

So we finally got there, the kids were getting ancy from the long drive too,

So I met B’s Aunt and Uncle. The Aunt is his Moms sister, well the Uncle was Mr Friendly old guy, all shaking the kids hands, getting them drinks, the tv remote and them getting run of the tv, set up tv trays for them, he talked to them, he was very grandfatherly, but he was cool. They also had a little dog the kids enjoyed.

B’s Mom, Grandma, Aunt & Uncle, Sister ( and his sisters EX BOYFRIEND) came. Yes she has a current boyfriend she lives with, but everyone was shocked to see the old boyfriend show up. I guess he moved up north and was down here for the day and she invited him. It was a little weird. But from what I know of the situation its always been weird, the family all liked the guy and they got along and he rented a room out of B’s moms house for awhile after the sister and he broke up.

So we all just sat around, had a glass of wine, talked, B was very sweet, and at one point just friskly whispering what he wanted to do with me that night when we got home, LOL. I didnt mind.

We all sat down to eat, and his sister began to interrogate him over what he did for me for Moms day, and then went on about his tatts and piercings again( as she generally does)

I love B the way he is, I dont see those things, I see them as part of him and so it doesnt make me feel any differently about him, so : )~

Afterwards we had strawberry shortcake, the kids were ancy to go to the park across the street so we finally headed out to take them over. B and I sat and watched them play for awhile, then we went on the swings, then over to where the kids were, where they began to tag B and I, and we were it, and had to catch them, we got pooped out fast and had to opt out on playing any further.

Some other families came to the park, its in a NICE area, where his relatives live, very cute and nice nice houses, and the families all came over to the park were all so young with babies, we just people watched a lot and all, watching the young daddies and mommies.

B and I took a mini walk down the street as I just love to look at houses, they were all so cute!

We headed back near dark, and hung out a little while longer. It was weird seeing his Mom as Ive never really talked to her nor have I seen her fixed up. SHes usually all sloppy and all when Ive seen her, so to be honest I didnt even recognize her. And I talked to her.

They werent that scary, B kept saying “Are you okay? Its just my dysfunctional family” and i told him they are no different really then anyone else. It wasnt scary.

B was concerned how I felt, did I feel left out , was he attentive and did I feel ignored or any of that. Aweeeeeeeee, he was perfect.

We left about 9pm to head home, I got a headache so he drove and the kids and I passed out as B drove. We got home and all crawled into bed, it was sooo nice to relax and lay down, and B’s sister sent us home a bag of cookies as she works for a cookie company.

Sunday my kids made things for me, and gave them to me and they were cute, then we all went to Dennys with my Mom and Dad. Little one was super wiggly and impatient and the food took quite awhile.

We then just came home and relaxed around the house, B went out back for awhile with my youngest and the dog, I was working on some ebay stuff.

I guess my big sister came out sat night and took Mom to eat. So I missed seeing her. But I do know their house sold. WITHIN 2 days for full price! It was sold, no work has to be done and the buyers are a group of investors who are paying cash.

So my sister has to be out by the 28th and will walk away with a nice cash sum, shes already hoping to buy her girlfriends house. So we shall see.

Last night B and I read some of the Relationship book he has been reading, and we just laid in bed going over it, until I was too sleepy.

Hes been awesome, he really has.

Oh and friday night my son was in a school talent show, he had the whole audience laughing. He was so cute and funny! I had tears in my eyes.

He did this all on his own, no help from me, no urging or anything or really even knowing what he was doing. Hes 10, and he did “Human Pretzel Tricks” as he can put his legs over his neck and all this stuff, and made up all these other ones, he was so cute! And had the whole place busting up. A good laugh that is! I was proud of him. And realized how comfortable he is with himself to go on stage like that.

When I was there Cute Gym Guy called on my cell and invited me to a comedy night this past Saturday, I thanked him for the invite but said I would be away. He said Okay and that was that. 4 weeks now of a call every friday. Wow.

And this was the first time I responded to a call.

Im feeling better, Im not feeling so confused anymore. Dont get me wrong, I adore parts of gym guy, but my heart is with B. And Im learning a lot about myself too, 🙂

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