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Dear Diary,

Well just had some dinner. I have this thing lately for this canned Soup. Its a Potato, Chedder and Bacon, its in a can, and its sooo good. They sell it cheaper at Target then the grocery store too. Mmmmmm

I went to the gym after work, L was there and then the guys arrived, L and I both missed the gym yesterday so we worked on legs, the guys were doing bench.

So L just talked up a storm. She is divorced also, shes older then me, 3 sons, youngest is 18, and I know one is 22, forget how old the other is. But its weird to listen to her talk. Her kids ask for money from her, they were living with her up until a few mos ago. She worked two jobs and fed their mouths, paid for the cable , air conditioning, you name it. They are too old for that L!

She paid to move her son to San Diego, and even bought him all new bedroom furniture on her credit cards, and now he wants to come back, he cant pay the bills. She said how her 22 yr old called her today wanting money. He makes $300 a month! And has car payments and car insurance. Shes very naive? Or I dont know the right word? But she feels guilty or like she has to do this for her kids, they use her, dont respect her, and one wants to move back. We all tell her to say NO, hes grown.

So she and I talked alot, about our ex husbands, about working today. She works at the prison and went through all the testing to go to school I guess for Sherrifs department or what have you, but there are no openings for this other training she has to go through at this time. She was talking today about a class she had to take yesterday, stuff at the prison, about inmates eating their own feces and spitting it at you, and riots and all. And she said “I sit there and think, is this what I want to do?”

She was working for Mervyns also with the prison job, but just quit Mervyns. We were discussing not really knowing what we want to do, career wise.

Gym was less full today, gym buddy kept teasing us, cute gym guy was there, we waved and smiled and he glared at my hair. I laughed. I used one of those temporary hair colors, its a bit brighter red then I like, but it will fade with each washing.

So my Gym Buddy said we have to arrange a time, and he will come do the electrical.

I had my friends Dad over tonight, hes old, his ear looked like it was gone and was bandanged. He looked at the shower and the door I need done. Said it will be $75 to install the door, plus the materials, I have a door in the garage but need to see if it fits.

He has to get back to me on the shower, but he said “You know its not going to be cheap?” I said “Yes Im aware”

He was out of here so fast. He did talk about his daughter and C’s new house. He said its huge, its in an expensive gated area. (C and R are the ones who helped me after ex and I split and I spent time with and went to church with and she babysat the kids for a little while)

But Im wondering how on earth they can afford to live where they moved too??? C was the only one working and he didnt make THAT much money. Anyways, I got their new number and Ill give them a call.

That reminds me also of my other girlfriend B. I havent talked to her lately, I called 2 weeks ago and their number was no longer in service. So I need to drive by their house and see whats up. She mentioned they might move,, but thats not like her to not get in touch with me and just go like that. I also know where her daughter goes to school as its where my son was, so I can always go by there too if they did move.

Well it should be a nice relaxing weekend. I cant wait.

Im planning on getting the Jeep lock fixed tomm after work, then the gym, then depending on when B is coming out, I want to go to Costco and Trader Joes.

I also would like to go hang out at Barnes and Noble, but we shall see, perhaps we will go check out the little coffee shop near my house?

I was also thinking of telling him to bring his tennis shoes and we can go out to the big park with the lake and go walking all around it, exercise wise. That way its not the gym and we can walk and talk. B doesnt like to run. So walking would be good, its a big park so we could get in some good laps. But we shall see.

Well thats it, the wind picked up today, for the first time in a week or so I dont have all the windows open and the cieling fan going.


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