ADDish Kiddo

Dear Diary,


Well I just placed another order for the BeCalm’d stuff for youngest.

I seriously see a drastic difference in him since hes been off this stuff this whole past week( I ran out ) I bought something at the Health Food store which doesnt seem to work worth a darn but hes still taking it twice a day.

I mean literally this week my little one cannot walk without doing goofy stuff(this is hard to describe by typing) But he just walks by the couch and leans his leg out and puts it on it and just does all sorts of bizarre addish behavior. He makes a lot of noises, hes having a harder time focusing with homework time again. Hes been very forgetful with taking homework to school or remember to bring things home.

He bangs on things repeatedly, and I said to him the other day “What is wrong with you?” as he just is so annoying. He says “I dont know” Hes on go go go, he cant chill out.

So I put in my order. I also got an email from the company asking for testimonials as I guess the product is going to be an infomercial and they want 20 testimonials. Dont think Ill write in one as Ive only gone through one bottle. But seriously, I think the stuff was making a difference.

You have to be regimented with it though. Hes taking capsules twice a day he has to swallow and he has to take them 30 min before a meal. And you have to be patient with the results.

I ordered from their main site the first time and they even send you email newsletters, and they even called me personally to ask about my child’s progress taking it, the woman even stopped to tell me how she was on anti depressants for years and things and now she is off all that and taking this product also( its for add type symptoms, depression, and other stuff I believe)

So HOPEFULLY Ill have the stuff by Monday. Depends on how long it takes to ship, kids go to their Dads this weekend.

I buzzed oldests hair last night, it was getting long and in the summer its so much easier to deal with not having to do their hair daily. Plus it makes the mornings much easier with getting ready for school. Little one doesnt like his hair buzzed and I suck at doing a shorter cut, even with clipper adjustments, so either his Dad can do it or Ill end up taking him in somewhere to get it done.

My Little one was looking all over for a $1 bill this AM and I said “Hey, where did you get a dollar?” as he didnt have one and we even were in the store last week and he brought his wallet and barely had a dollar in change.

He said “I had it remember?” Im all NO

Damn this kid is good he looks so serious and sure.

He went on and on. I said “We went to the store last week and you only had change” He replied “Well I traded my quarters for a dollar with my friend AJ at school” I said “So if I go and ask AJ he will tell me this right?” And then he said “NO” and put his head down. Then claimed “He found it”

This was going on for quite awhile, last year in school also. And I got on him about it, no kid repeatly finds dollar bills at school over and over again.

I told him if he finds any money he is to take it to the school office as it may belong to a kid for their lunch money. But what really troubles me is I believe hes stealing it, but how and where I dont know.

IM going to write a note to his teacher, just so she is aware also and to find out if any kids lost money, etc.

I have to nip this now, hes pulled this before.

Sigh,,, hes 8!

Hes also coming home with a lot of candy, I dont know where he gets it all, obviously school but his pockets are full of candy wrappers when I do laundry. And its not coming from our house. I know they get treats or prizes now and then but Ive found bunches of wrappers, even some hidden under his bed.

Damn as I sit here and think, its like his behavior is all over the place this week. I tell the kids something and he totally doesnt even remember or pay attention and asks me a question right after. Im all “What did I just say to you?”

Eeeks, his attn span, impulse control is just awful all week.

Talked to B about 11pm last night, he said he would come up friday and spend the weekend with me. That we can make lots of good food, stay indoors, rent movies, have sex(lol), and hes going to make me some of his yummy lentil soup.

Well thats it for now..

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