Class and Tasks

Dear Diary,

Aweee, My Screenwriting teacher just called.

I wrote him an email this AM to tell him I wasnt going to be coming to class and what do I need to do? Can I drop or what have you or will I fail.

Well he called just a bit ago, and he hadnt gotten my email and was worried about me.

He told me I could drop the class, or if I want to get a grade, he said that I have been there so much already, that I can write a short story, a couple pages of what I have done so far, and what I have learned in the class. And just turn that in to him. And he wants me to just attend one more class.

Aweeee, I agreed to do that.

He said there is only about 4 more weeks of class left.

I also have been busy today, I ran to the post office, I ran to the recyling place to take in cans and bottles. I didnt take the glass in. Ill have to take that later, was cool, got about $8.

I took a return back to Staples. I went by the Locksmith place…

I went to Big Lots and found my favorite Banana bread waffles for 99 cents a box!

I then a number my friends gave me over a year ago of her Dad who used to be a General contractor… And he answered! And hes coming over tomm eve to look at my shower to see if he can do it! YAY! And he said even if he cant he usually knows who to refer people too. YAY! So heres praying I can get this work underway. He did say he can install a door no problem though.

We had a house go up for sale about a week ago, Today its marked SOLD. So Im anxious to see who are new neighbors will be, I saw people there today, but I thought it was just people looking, but it probably was THE people since the SOLD sign was placed up there today.

Also makes me wonder what it sold for.

So Friday I have to take the jeep over to get my lock redone.

I skipped the gym today.

Havent talked to Big Sis, she called my Mom today, said the young girl is now being babysat by her neighbor, she came in and said “Hi Mom” while my mom was on the phone with sister. How weird is that? The neighbor watching the kid you were mom to and no longer are with?

Soo, tonight Im just cleaning up around the house. I also stopped in the thrift store today too.

Whew I ran around a lot. OH! And I scheduled my next hair appt. In about 2 weeks. I still have to schedule other things but Im working on it.

Want to get a manicure/pedicure.
Want to get a facial and buy 2 of the products Im about out of but arent cheap.

I just hope I can get the work on the house underway here soon. Im anxious.

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