My Couch!

Dear Diary,

YAY! I have my new COUCH! YAY YAY YAY YAY!


It goes perfect, color goes well. Its just nice. It totally makes the room inviting, just what I wanted!

So now I just have to find a new coffee table(when I get my tax refund) And I want to get a large square type trunk. I have an idea of what I want. B’s old place he lived in with the lady and her daughter, she had the kinda coffee table I want. Its large and bulky, and then you have the storage inside it.

Gosh, its amazing how a new piece of furniture can make me feel!

Ive not bought much furniture NEW in my life. Im a thrift shop, second hand type person. And I have nice stuff dont get me wrong. But theres just something nice about NEW.

Ahhh I love it! I love it! It has the Chaise(Spelling?) lounge seat on the end. I love ittttt!

Kids said “Ohh Mom, you and B can sit together all nice on that, well when B comes over that is” I said “B wont be coming over till you guys are better, hes never had Chicken Pox”

I mowed the back lawn today, raked out overgrown garbage n stuff, swept up oodles of Elm tree seeds and cleaned the seeds out of my planter. My rose bush right there is doing well and the Iris’s are huge and green, no flowers yet on these ones. I believe my Mom said it takes 3 yrs when you transport them? Cant remember if that was true?

My Iris out front is blooming!

I also put the bulbs in the ground from the Parrot Tulips Cute Gym Guy gave me. They already bloomed but got tired of having the pot with bulbs sitting there, So will see if they bloom next year.

I did a nice job on the backyard, took my time and was thorough since Im home and not going anywhere, I cant stay focused, no interruptions other then the kids.

Kids are pretty much just lounging around. Not a lot of energy, but last night youngest was restless.

Well not much else to write at the moment.

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