Flighty Friend

Dear Diary,

BLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH. I so cant wait for the day to be over and the weekend to be here. I just want to go home and do whatever the heck I wanna do.

Although there is some error on the cable box to the tv in my room so I havent been able to watch tv in there, POO! And no time to call cable co, Ill do that this weekend.

I need food in my fridge badly and I dont feel like going shopping, I just want to go HOME.

Soooo, last night my girlfriend D called.

She was having a breakdown moment I could tell. SHes not the type to cry and be a huggy emotional type of woman, but I could hear the verge of crying in her voice as she spoke, I felt bad for her. Yet I relate to her state.

So basically she was calling me about seeing if she stay with me for awhile.

And on and on she went as to what is going on.

She talked for the first portion of saying how badly she just wants her divorce done, how her ex husband will stall this as long as he can cause he wants her back. She went over the court papers and motions and copies and what her attny says and does, and on and on. Its kinda hard to be helpful because since Day 1 I havent understood half of what she says has gone on. Something is off. In my own view of it I think she takes his threats or proposals as gospel as if hes gotten what he wants, and they are just that, proposals. She can reject them. Shes had 4 attnys now, she hired mine as her first one but then said she “Didnt like him” But she doesnt give any attny a chance, shes too emotional and flightly, and shes upset that things arent done NOW! And I told her it took me 2 1/2 yrs. They say the average divorce is 2 yrs now(Sorry Krysti 🙁

Anyways, she said she just had it, she was talking to her soon to be ex and saying “What is it you want from me!!!?? WHy are you doing this?” and hes saying “Your the mother of my kids and my wife and I want you back”

Anyways, she was just in the beat down frame of mind where she just felt like caving ina nd going back to her soon to be ex and play pretend wife and that way she can have her kids all the time and not worry about money and all that crap. But I told her “D, do you really think you can go back to that?” And she knows she cant, she lived it her whole marriage, its why she finally got out, she couldnt live the lie anymore, the facade of a happy family when she was neglected as woman in all aspects other then being provided for.

Then she said she got into it with her bf, she showed up and some woman was outside talking to him, also her sister slipped and told her that he helped her with drug contacts and taking her over for pot. He also confessed to her that he is still drinking, the nights she is with her kids, he is getting drunk, so she confronted him on this stuff and he went into Pity Defense mode, saying “I have nothing to live for, I should just kill myself” She told me in the past he got like this and broke a glass on his head. Im all “D, hes totally not taking responsibility and hes putting it on you and trying to make you feel bad for hima nd take care of him” She knows this.

Well her dilemma was she was to move into a new house. She was gonna move out this upcoming weekend since her 3 kids will be with there dad and it will be her only free weekend to pack and she was gonna live with bf in his 2 bedroom house until the rental house was ready. Well the rental house date keeps getting pushed up, and now D’s soon to be ex isnt paying the full amount of support and shes messed up financially. Mainly her fault, she was counting on his money, and Ive learned that one long ago, dont count on it, consider it as extra. Because with abusive ex’s theres no stable behavior. Everything is a control issue.

So she is not happy with the BF’s behavior, she is in limbo waiting for the new house, now shes worried she cant afford to rent the new house, etc etc etc. And she wanted to know about staying with me in the meantime.

I didnt give her an answer, I called B and talked last night. I care about her, but talking with B was good. D is flighty, theres no set date she will have a place and that is just open ended.

And you know, she has 3 kids and I love her but I cannot deal with her 3 in my house, it will be a mad zone, she said she will go to her other friends on her days with the kids if that will help. I just dont think its a good idea. D has a decent teaching job, she makes double what I do. Heck she can rent an apt in the meantime till she gets settled.

And the way she is, in 2 days she and bf might have made up and she will change her mind. That is the prob with her. She changes her mind so easily.

I was telling B I dont care if she is having a bad night and needs to crash on my couch. Im cool with that, but the whole moving in, without a time frame, and her kids here, and all that. I cant deal. And its not as if shes in dire “Homeless” straights. Shes lived a spoiled lifestyle is part of her problem and shes having to put that to the side and shes not been good at that.

I saw Cute Gym guy also, he brought some vitamin stuff for me, we talked and he ended up running over to the store with me as he needed some lightbulbs. Hes his typical self as usual.

He talks about sex stuff so much though, maybe he always did? I dont know, but it just seems to be so much of his thoughts. He reminds me so much of my Ex husband in that sense.

I have been up late, Im glad the weekend is here, B is supposed to come out, prolly tomm and we will purchase our plane tickets to Nashville.

Thats it for now.

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