Passion Teach Man

Dear Diary,

Happy Saturday Afternoon! Its so nice out here today! I went and mowed the back lawn (part of it is sooo scary!) It got so tall with foxtails and its hard on the mower I never finished, then we had some rain, and well I started but mower ran out of gas, bleh, so gotta run out later and get some more. But I got half the backyard done. Its housecleaning weekend and yard work, since Ill have company and be gone a lot and not around to clean and do the yard need to get it all taken care of.

Well my teacher came out to my work. Omgosh I was getting butterflies waiting like I was waiting for a date! LOL I havent felt that in AGES! Remember that? I remember feeling that way in highschool waiting for a date once.

But this wasnt a date, lol was just my cute teacher.

So he arrived. Hes so funny. He has a word he uses, you ever notice how people have their own lingo and well when you are around it you start to pick it up? So his phrase is “Thats Happy” When he sees stuff, sort of like saying “Thats cool”

So hes all “Oh my gosh, this place is HAPPY” He drooled with delight. He was SOOO HAPPY! Boss ran a film for him, and they chatted film talk and all.

He laughed, he ran around, he was just in heaven. He is so cute like that. He totally is into what he does, and theres just something so attractive about that. Passion for something, true love for it, you can see it oozing from a person. I think that is really what adds to what makes him attractive.

So we will have class out in a few weeks.

Well thats it for now! Later

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