He Called

Dear Diary,

You know somedays Im so hurt or upset or missing B.

He just called me. On my cell phone. I didnt think it would be him since I didnt recognize the number.

It was. He never got my page today hasnt had a phone to check messages. He was calling me from a pay phone in Hollywood, went to a album signing with a buddy. He also bought a new tv today. He was so happy sounding, sweet. Asked me how my day was, I told him what happened hes all “See, thats great news! Right on!” Im all “Yeah I just wanted to go and celebrate” So hes all “Well how about we do that this weekend?” I said “When?” So he said either tomm nite or Sun? I told him Sun eve gotta be back to get the kids, so he said tomm he will email me from work and we can figure up something.

Which yes, inside I was so hoping to hear hed ask me to do something, and he did. 🙂

He told me loved me out loud, on a pay phone. Which was so sweet, hee hee.

I have no idea what his old school buddy is like, the one he just got in touch with. But hes all “He even has a girlfriend now” So its probably one of the few friends he has with a woman in his life. All the other guys are just single dudes who are at home with their computers. So I guess it felt really sweet hearing him call me while out with this guy, stop at a pay phone to call and say I love you babe out loud and all. It felt nice.

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