Dear Diary,

Ok! YAY! I just told Jen I was gonna write!

We have officially planned a little vacation. Well shes gonna fly out here in a few weeks! YAY!

And I just bought tickets to Wango Tango for her and I to go too! YAY!

Its at the Rose Bowl, so I got lower level seats for us. Its a all day concert, so far scheduled to perform are…

Nelly, Santana, Michelle Branch, Craig David and Sting, Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez, Sugar Ray, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lisa Marie Presley, Daniel Beddingfield, Bowling for Soup, Tyrese, Amanda Perez, O Town, Boomkat, Lasgo, and they usually always have more, but thats whos listed so far. AND OH! lol I forgot, KISS! Is playing also. What a interesting mix of performers eh???

Its gonna be fun though! Im such a Pop Lover and all that, and its just not up B’s alley and I really wanted to go, so Jen and I are gonna go! WOOHOO!

So shes gonna come for about a week and stay with me! So now it will be fun to show her Cali! So trying to get ideas of stuff for us to do! Woohoo!

Jen! I love ya! haha, I told her Im a Spaz. So so far she said she wants to see Hollywood walk of Fame, and Im gonna take off from work a few days, plus wont have kids on that weekend so we can go out all weekend and stay out or do whatever! I also told her we can try and go see the male strippers dancer night!

Dammit, bout time I had some fun, and shes been in need of a break! Jen I just dont wanna kill your feet! haha


Ok Im done. 🙂

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