Letter and Thanks All

Thanks all for your comments. Yes I am aware the sex thing isnt about me. That was why I went and read the book on adults abused as kids. I really am beginning to think that may be where a lot of it lies.

Anyways, I wrote B a letter. I wrote another first that was longer, but then thought naw, be direct and to the point, thats how B is. So here is what I sent him…


Im gonna make this short and to the point. If ya have questions lemme know.

Last night.

Ya told me when I wanted to get dessert “You dont need that, it will make you fat, you have enough with the shake” I should have said

“F*$# off, I didnt ask your opinion, Im gonna get it, its what makes ME HAPPY”

So Im saying it now.

And in regards to calling me Stupid in the Jeep.

I want to respond with

“Im not stupid and dont ever refer to me as that ever again.”

The critical, argumentative crap has gotta stop Bry. Im not cool with it. I dont understand why our convos and discussions and outings have to center around your arguments for why Im wrong, why others are wrong, why books are wrong, YOU ARE NOT SUPERIOR in thought, and get off it already. I do not feel my thoughts and opinions are valued when we discuss topics and my viewpoints are talked down and dismissed. I am a good, intelligent and kind person and have valuable points to contribute. There will be time I will come to you for help with things I may not have much experience in, but I believe I can offer you the same.


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