Flowers for Moi?

Dear Diary,

Well I just ordered myself Flowers for the first time ever. 🙂

I knew what kind I wanted, My ex bought me peach roses years ago when I went to Washington DC for a business trip. They were delivered to my hotel room, they were gorgeous! And Ive always liked them ever since. So I went thru a flower site I heard advised on the radio.

I compared with other big name sites, and actually this one was cheaper then all of them, but still expensive. The total came up to a little over $50 once the shipping was figured in. So I didnt complete the order, I tried calling local florists but they didnt have this color. 🙁 Plus I just dont have the time for all this searching. I kept telling myself “Order them, just do it, splurge, do this for yourself, its OK!”

So I finally just went and placed the order. This probably sounds all silly but it was hard to do, well I wanted but couldnt justify spending that much on Peach Roses.

But they will be delivered on Valentines Day. 🙂

I have little gifts already for my little guys since they will be with me, and maybe we will have to get some special dessert for us.

Even though B and I are back speaking again, he cant be counted on for such holidays, Sure part of me wishes or hopes hed do something sweet, but I cant mope around, so this year I got the flowers I wanted and deserve.

The place I ordered them from pro flowers supposedly cuts them right before they are to be delivered so they are supposed to last longer, so Ill find out eh??

Heck and I didnt even buy the vase! Which is fine, I have 3 huge ones I can use for them.

One of my coworkers is leaving to go home and sandbag her place, its raining like crazy and flooding some areas.

I had to let my dog out this AM I couldnt keep him in the laundry room all day while at work, and hed been in there all night, so Ill let him in again once I get in from work, luckily its not really cold out, just raining.

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