Take Care of Me

Dear Diary,

Well I made some phone calls. Im taking care of Me.

I called the therapist, my session is next week, Im getting in tomorrow. 🙂 Also my Domestic Violence group is going again and that is tomorrow before counseling so Im going to that also.

I then called the salon, made myself a hair appt Friday morning. I think Ill just take the day off, kids will be gone, get my hair done to boost my spirits, and then see if Im up to an outing, Mr Comedy and I discussed possibly going out, he said we could go “Paint the town red” Get me out, get me meeting other people. He said I could accompany him to a friends Bday party sat nite also if I want to join him.

Just my mood are fluctuating so much. Part of me wants to get out, then another part traps me at home.

He said “Your keeping yourself in a bubble. What adult things do you do for yourself, what interaction are you getting?”

Its all work related or therapy related, only outside I get is phone or online talk, but nothing much in real life interaction with face to face people.

I thought back to the time I was hanging with Music Dude. I had a really good time hanging out with him. I enjoyed it, and the freedom. But then I missed B again, and ran back 🙁

Work just got an offer, for our biggest job ever. 🙂 Boss is like WOW. Big “computer” name.

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