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Dear Diary,

Well Im getting a good laugh tonight. My Ex wrote me another email about settling. I have stopped responding and will go over with my attny office on writing a formal proposal with the financial requests and settling.

Its just my ex throws in this other weird stuff at times, that makes NO SENSE or isnt an option. It just shows me how wacked the man is. So he wrote something totally idiotic, I even read it to my Mom tonite and we both just started laughing, And I cant help but giggle at myself all nite over something he wrote.

LOL! Sorry I just leave some info out of here since Im in the midst of legal stuff just to be safe.

I went shopping for about 5 hrs today! EEKS! The mall and stores were insane. I never usually shop this last minute and B is a bit hard to buy for. But I did get him some things, just hope he likes them 🙂 I hate buying gifts for adult males. Little boys, girls or adult women I dont have a prob with. And Im so Duh on computer stuff, I wouldnt know what to buy.

Day 2 of no communication with B, 🙁 Other then his last email saying “Im not sure if Im working sat day or nite yet” and no other response or call saying anything. I just appreciate common courtesy. Like “Hun, Ill be working so wont be around at all, call you Sun” or something,

I notice I get really bothered by this. Im a little ticked, but then wonder am I over reacting? I mean its not that I mad hes busy, Im bothered at being left out of the picture or not giving me some type of heads up. We arent teenagers, nor new partners. Its 2 yrs. And well, ,,, oh you know, Ive said all this before.

Well not much else going on. Went and rented some movies tonite with the kids. I got a coupon for 99 cent rentals, up to 3 movies. So we got “Count of Monte Cristo” Kate and Leopold” and the kids got Scooby Doo.

I really want a copy of Count of Monte Cristo for my own collection. Me and the kids watched it tonite, And its a safe movie for kids to watch, no nudity or cursing, just some violence, but its more swordfighter type stuff. And the movie has a great Message! So I recommend it!

B and I saw this movie when it came out at the theatre.

Today I was tempted to go see the second Lord of the Rings film. But made myself wait to see it with B next week. I could have taken the kids, but to be honest I dont think theyd sit through it that well, is it long like the other one?

And I just want to relax and watch it when I do see it, 2 little ones who fight over popcorn or drinks or get tired or gotta pee, no thanks! lol

Oh! When I was at the mall today. I walked by this pregnant young girl. I thought she looked familiar but couldnt place her. And she was looking at me too. It was her eyes. They just stayed in my mind. Later kids and I got food to eat and I sat down and saw this girl again sitting to eat. Then it clicked!!!!

Im not exactly sure how long ago this way, it all becomes a blur now. But when I was still in the abusive church and in a homebuilders bible study with my ex. This family were in the church. My ex was youth pastor and this young girl was in the youth group. Later the wife left her hubby for a weekend with some guy, and she was now a “Wife who flipped in the church” and was in the ranks with me now as the sinner wives. So I ran into the wife one day while shopping. We then got together one day at her house to talk. I thought wed have a lot in common. But she was in denial. Saying how wonderful her husband and her marriage was and how she used drugs and didnt know what she was doing, that she was not responsible. While I sat there and told her I willfully tried to leave with another man to escape my marriage. So I realized this woman and I were not on the same page, I spent the day at her house though. And her daughter was there. She was a senior in highschool and was kicked out alone with her boyfriend from a christian highschool for being found out to be having premarital sex. The girl was on home study and forbid from being around guys or her boyfriend.

I wrote about this in my diary I believe long ago if anyone remembers. I related more to the teen daughter when I was at the house and felt badly for her as she was under lock down and a “Disgrace” to the family. So it was HER! I saw at the mall. I feel bad, she must have known who I was. And she was very pregnant. I dont think badly of her. I was thinking of her, and wondered if she thought I was being rude not talking to her, but I couldnt place her face. I hope she is doing ok. I just wonder where she lives now, is she with her parents? Has she moved out? etc

Its been about 3-4 yrs ago since I last saw her.

Well gonna go, later!

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