Anger Venting

Dear Diary,

Well Im just having a surge of anger going thru me at the moment. So this is another one of my vents over the ex.

Letter to him that I cannot send. But how I feel inside.:::Deep breath:::

Dear Ex,

So when do you plan on sending support? Dont give me your BS that you have no money. How are you buying the kids toys, fast food, clothes when they are with you? How can you afford all the trips to your Uncles out of town? How do you afford renting movies when you have the kids and buying DVDs and Movies?

Dont give me your bullshit over no money. How the hell have you paid your truck payment lately? I thought you had no income?

Where do you get off demanding things from me. Making a stink over seeing a childs report card. Yet the things you are required to do, YOU DONT!

Why do you write me again over the computer?? I told you knock it off, I told your Uncle it was already being worked on. Then you bring it up again? Claiming you want it for the kids, when I already had my boyfriend B fix it (mind you he upgraded it also) I know you want the damn computer for yourself, stop lying and playing games and asking to “Fix” it and return it. Why do you even care? Drop it already. Its done, end of discussion.

How long are you gonna claim your unemployed? Im not a fool. For a broke person to write me about what playsets they are going to buy the kids for CHristmas, you sure have ways to come up with money.

I got my attorney bill in the mail yesterday. Over $800 in one month from dealing with your idiotic self. I pray to God I get justice in that court room when the day comes.

Ok thats it for now. I mainly feel a lot of curse names wanting to flow, I should have just wrote them but I feel afraid I will offend those who read or they will think badly of me. But its me. why hold back eh?

I wrote ex an email a few min ago. Just said “When are you sending support? Its been Months of NOTHING” and thats all it said. I just needed to say something. Its been 6 fucking months! The guy is ordered to pay spousal and child support.

I mean cmon. I dont care if hes claiming No Job, the guy has SOME money its obvious, but he doesnt even give a DIME??????????

Yet Im raising his children? Where these sickos get their twisted mental logic is beyond me!

He is about $7000 behind in support now since the court order was done. And we are going to go back for more in court from the time of the restraining order. And also for the newest amount of legal fees. This last bill was $800 I got yesterday! All for doing this motion, the visit at the attny where they made him leave, then the outburst of him over Thanksgiving and the calls. I now pay $800 for it! And they are seeking he have to pay it back.

And thats not counting just the stuff to be considered in the divorce he owes me. Ugh, what is he doing?

I do have the paper work for the District Attorney, WOW its changed and A LOT to do. I am waiting for my attny to return back over the holidays. I dont know if its best for me to wait or not. How this stuff works, once its turned over to the DA. Because then can we barter with it in court over the house once the DA is handling it. But I had a friend alert me that he may very well be getting unemployment right now and the maximum since hes never used it before. And they will withold 25% it says in their manual of unemployment for unpaid support. Its about the only thing I can go after right now. I wait too long and that will be gone also.


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