Special Gift for Kids

Dear Diary,

This will be short, got in from work today, found a message on my machine from the Outreach where I used to go to group and all. They said to please call them that I was chosen to be a part of Santa’s Workshop. Im like Huh?

So I call them up, they ask if I can stop by, so I do on my way to the gym. They gave me a sheet, next tuesday at about 3pm I go to this address alone, no kids or any other adults, and I have 20 minutes to SHOP for my children for Christmas! And it lists I have 2 kids and their ages!

How cool is that! I just wanted to cry! I have no idea what type of stuff it is or what place this will be at or anything, so its almost a little mysterious you know!

So just was a neat thing to happen. As i left the place a girl came running by and some woman yelling at her. I was watching this and notice a man was holding another girl by the jacket in the parking lot, people are yelling and all. Well turns out these 2 girls I guess ate at Dennys and tried paying with a bad check or something or bailing, and they went after them, the one girl was caught the other one kept yelling and cursing then came after the man holding the one girl and she was being all violent. I called the police, man one of the girls was awful, they looked to be around 18 or so. She kept yelling at the woman I guess who worked at Dennys at the register calling her names, telling her she was fat, she needed a bra, etc etc. I just listened, amazing how disrespectful people are, they are the wrong doer. I waited for a bit, police still didnt arrive, so I gave them my number if they needed any witnesses for anything.

Oh and I also got a call from my girlfriend from San Diego! She invited me to a Christmas Tea at her moms her in town Saturday! Im so excited. She had these when she lived here. If any of you have read Emilie Barnes book “If Teacups Could Talk” this was all inspired out of that. She had parties for us ladies from the church group and friends. So I went to 2 of them, her mom has the most gorgeous backyard, but this one will be indoors for Christmas, need finger foods, yummy tea, pretty decor, just a nice time with women. And I dont have the kids so sitter wont be a problem! YAY!

Ill have to take photos of it for you all to see!

Okay enough for now, byeeeee

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