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Dear Diary,

Just wanted to respond to Lisa’s comment. I dont see it as “Punishing” the kids. Its boundaries, teaching responsibility, etc. My Ex as an adult needs to come to me and discuss times to do things, not discuss them with the children. And then figure out how to make things work.

We have legal papers that state when my Ex’s visitation is.

Its pretty much my call what I want to do. But it also states that it is not to conflict with the kids school in our paperwork.

Its more the idea that my ex knows that the weeks are not his time with the children, never were, he has weekend visitations.

So whenever he feels like he wants them I just let him do it no matter what?

And I dont think I was really frustrated over him wanting to take them somewhere. Heck he can take them on the train and to the museum on the weekend also when it is his visitation. They are both open and operating then.

My annoyance is being told he has no money to pay support. Yet he can play fun Dad on the weekends.

I mean cmon, when my OWN mother and a guy friend are giving me money for groceries or bringing food over to help me out?

See why Im frustrated?

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