Drool Guy and Party

Dear Diary,

Just was in the middle of a chat with Mr Drool guy. Haha hows that for a name? We are in the same chat room, Ive been wanting to talk to him more but I always play it cool. So kinda wait and see if people wanna talk to or are interested in me.

Tonight I was in a goofy mood in the chat room and he messages me. Goes on to say, “Ok Im gonna say this, but I have been thinking about you for the past 5 days since we met on here, and I cant stop thinking about you and those damn curls of yours!” then goes on to tell me he even showed his dad a pic of me. After he says it he goes “Ok Ill go hide in my corner and be shy now” I just said the feeling of attraction was mutual. He sent back a smile.

Heck I was looking at his pic at work and showing Jen. : )~

Anyways, hes is 36. Married his highschool sweetheart at age 18. Divorced by age 28. Then started to see a woman from online he met, was with her and raised her 3 kids for 6 yrs. Then it fell apart. We didnt go into all the particulars of it, and I understand, its like im just too tired anymore to do that with people like I used to, give it time. Not dump it all out at the start. But he is a general contractor, but was going to school to be a science teacher. Said he grew up around the ocean and sea life. His Dad he said is a Nobel Prize Ocean person or something. Will wait to hear more about that. But he said he is back at his trade right now after the break up. Im gathering they had a house together and all and he lost pretty much everything cause he is starting at the bottom again and moved back to where his Dad lives by the beach. He said “Im getting old” Im like what? at 36? But I think I know what he means, Construction is very hard on the body, and he wants to go back said he has one more semester for the teaching.

Hes all “Your cute and smart? You have kids, you have been through things and know things most people dont have a clue about” said he loves kids.

So yeah, It feels nice, its just an online chat thing, but its some nice attention I must admit, and dammit Im just letting myself experience getting to know him. And my god is his picture gorgeous. :::: panting::: I wonder if he looks that good in person. But the cool part is they do group things often people from the chat room and hes been a part of the room about 6 yrs so people know him and hes well liked. So Ill just play out this fun chat stuff for now and see where it goes. Not like much else is going on right?

I talked to Mom about getting away for the 26th. Thats the weekend of the party I was invited to up north. I really am quite sure Im going. Ill find a way, and we talked a lot longer C and I. SHe told me she missed me, she said “I wonder at times what life would have been like” Meaning if ex’s bro hadnt died and they got married and she and I were the wives of them. She was so sweet to me and telling me God is gonna find me something that is all that I need, and telling me I need to come down. I deserve some fun and time to get away and she told me “Im here to be supportive of you” She knows about the Mom in Law thing cause she pulled weird crap on her when her son died and C had to cut her off and stop answering her phone and all.

So I really cant wait. The party sounds like a blast. SHe said they had 40 people last year and that word is spreading so she is sure its gonna be bigger this year cause everyone wants to come. I CANT WAIT!

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