His Little Girl

Dear Diary,

Just sitting here, tired, bored, but dont wanna go to bed, yet nobody is on to talk to. ::Sigh::

Just did some shopping after work, picked up a few toiletries items. Then headed to the gym, felt good to go. Its a good release for me and just helps me sleep well at night, I took a bath already, ahhhhh relaxed.

Music dude was telling me stories today, it was cool to hear, about things that happened in his business, he told me how he got to meet Aerosmith, but was so nervous he just said Hi and ran off, lol. It was a cute story.

Its kinda different having a guy talk about parenting. He has his daughter every tues and wed, and every other weekend. He said his ex called him today all freaking out saying the school said there little girl is acting up. Then she went on to tell him he needs to spend more time with her. So we were talking about that. He said hes had her 5 days this week, and that hes going to start seeing her on Sunday on his free weekends. He said hes not opposed to seeing her more and likes spending time with her. I dunno, so far from what i hear I think hes a pretty good Dad, not perfect but he genuinely loves and cherishes his daughter. He sent me a pic today and said “Isnt she just the most beautiful thing? I just stare at her sometimes when she is asleep”

Also found out he worked as a RN for awhile! Its just interesting hearing about his past, before going into music, he worked also in chemical dependency. He said he saw Drew Barrymoore when she was just a teenager come into the place he worked, he said she was a B$#*!, back then she was young and such a mess.

So I guess it gives me a good feel about him, a man who has worked in nursing and alcohol and drug dependency counseling.

Well nothing much else to report, think Im gonna go crawl in my bed and get comfy early tonight, will see if I hear from B. He did call this AM which was a first, he just wanted to share a breakthrough he had in using Linux on his computer. I had no idea really what he was saying but was happy he was happy and accomplished something.


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