Ugly Man Be Gone

Dear Diary,

Well here I am again. Ever just feel such an anger at people?

Yes one has to turn that anger into action. Action for the future and to protect oneself and how to avoid being wronged again.

I keep getting told this world is not FAIR.

I understand that much. Its just very very frustrating when people can skate through things wronging others and be justified by it in society or law.

My ex stopped paying me support for 3 mos, thats about the time he hired his attorney. And the time he stopped paying the kids medical insurance. Me and my mother were baffled why he would stop paying especially while having an attorney. Isnt she telling him to pay??? Its his obligation to pay child support. Well of course not! She probably told him to STOP paying since I had no order. So Im wondering what their strategy is now with the medical insurance since my ex asked to wait until Oct to pay it back and hes mos behind already? Thank God for one thing I at least have the proof through my employer he made that agreement and that was between them. But I believe they are trying to get him off of paying their health insurance and put it on me to handle.

Im angry at my Ex. Im angry at his Attorney. Im angry at my Former Attorney. Lisa Marie I believe you said it before about how attorneys dont really help and just cost a lot of money. Its a very very very frustrating time. I didnt know what else to do and I tried my best. I had what understanding I could of the system and what to do. Well I have learned so much now.

I guess what angers me most is my EX. How sneaky and evil, and conniving. Mainly that he just avoided his responsibilities for his own children. And how can people live with themselves and do such things.

Yes and I so badly want to see him pay for doing such wrong. I want to see him held accountable and responsible. That was my whole reason for hiring an attorney!

How can my asshole of an Ex write me such a fucking lame letter of how he is getting HELP and THANK YOU to me?

That man is a total walking contradiction. A LIAR. A PHONEY. A CON.





I told B its like I just want out of here.

I want out of this.

I will do my best throughout the remainder of these legal issues.

As I have always done my best at the time with the knowledge I had. So I cant beat myself up for it, because I wasnt being ignorant. I was just not well informed, and didnt have enough information.

I so badly want to shake my fist to the sky and say to my Ex “I will never forgive you for all you have done”

Because that is how I feel right now. I want him to know he wont step on me any longer. That I will stand up to him and say what a bastard he has been and what he has done to me and the children. For now the kids do not hear such things. I dont say anything.

I just want that ugly man part of my life away from me and of the past.

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