Dear Diary,

Dont feel like writing much, been at the courthouse from 8:30-3:00.

The custody agreement is DONE! Its in WRITING AND COURT ORDERED!!!!!!

Everything stayed the same that we have come to an agreement on!!!!

We also finished out the summer, holiday, visitation schedule and all that.

So its DONE!!!


Ex and his mom pushed, intimadated, threatened, tried to scare me. AND I HELD MY GROUND. When it came time to face the attorneys and courts, both of them SHUT UP!

Its like what the hell was that all for you weirdos? But at least thats done.

We also did NOT schedule another court date. We will attempt to work out the house and other financial issues through our attorneys, and only go to the courts if that doesnt work.

I met several women today, enjoyed talking. I wasnt so nervous and enjoyed talking to others. I also watched attorneys. My ex’s attorney I guess got in a fight today with another attny and freaked out and yelled and threw off her coat and the baliff had to tell h er to cool it. So everyone was gossiping about it and laughing at her for her outburst. Found out from another girl, her ex is using same attny as my ex, that her attnys office says this woman attny would call his office yelling. He told her she could no longer call there anymore she can only fax him and tells all his staff to hang up on her. So this guy gave her a flower today, haha told her she was in a bad mood.

But I was told my attorney can work well with her, and well things went through today! Thats all I can say! Im happy!

YAY! A bright spot in all this heartache, I didnt crumble!

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