Boy Found in Pool??

Dear Diary,

Well Ive been following the news on 2 stories since Sunday.

Mainly, this 7 yr old boy turned up missing sunday while at a Birthday Party in Beverly Hills. The parents came to get him and they couldnt find him at the home. I guess the yard had its fence down due to building a new one so its likely he could have walked off and there was a park right next door. He could have wandered off or been abducted.

So its been on the news, the parents, the people passing out flyers, the little boys face.

So today they say they found him. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL! OF the house where the party was!!!!

And the police are saying “Its POSSIBLE he has been in the pool and overlooked all this time” What the heck?????

My first thought is he was planted there last night. How can the police MISS his body in the pool????? Im still waiting for more on the story, but it just sounds so absurd.

And then the other story is someone has been planting razors blades, broken glass and nails in Orange County Ca parks. 9 parks so far. So last night they caught a 21 yr old female at 1:30 am in the park I guess doing this. Some college student who babysat in her neighborhood.

EEKS Just 2 news stories and I had enough for the day.

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