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Dear Diary,

Just in response to Morepeace’s comment about my boyfriends response to the condomn breaking.

He was apologetic right away. This happened to us once we we first started dating over a year ago. And he was the same way both times about it, telling me ASAP it broke, and me running the bathroom to clean up as quickly as possible. He was apologetic. I tell him that I know he is, that its not his fault for it breaking. We also discussed once “How would you feel if I got pregnant” and his response was “Victoria, to be honest, its your decision, your the one who gets pregnant and carries it, I dont really feel its my place to tell a person what to do about that” and that is pretty much how he has remained.

Hes not all OH YEAH lets have a baby either. He pretty much just stays supportive of whatever my decision is.

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