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Dear Diary,

Well I was just browsing some internet links and found this fertility calculator and went what the hell and entered in my last period, and my cycle days. Im very regular. And like I said I knew I was fertile as of yesterday. So I enter the facts in the calculator, and it says..

Based on your answers, you’re likely to be most fertile from Friday, May 10, 2002 to Tuesday, May 14, 2002 If you were to get pregnant during that time, your due date would be sometime from Friday, January 31, 2003 to Tuesday, February 04, 2003.

Sigh, the condomn broke on May 10th that eve. And to the commentor, I did call my dr, they said I was too late for a morning after pill, they want you in within the first 24 hrs. And I know I already started to ovulate before I would have gone in. So it wasnt like they could stop it now.

A few of my friends said ah dont worry about it yet, wait till your period and see if you are late. Which is fine and all, but when you know your own fertility thats a different story.

The things I do have on my side are we did have spermicidal condomns but not sure how effective that would have been with it breaking. And the other thing is boyfriend doesnt have a lot of semen when he comes( thanks for the details eh Victoria?) haha but its true. Not that the amount matters I know, but I guess less swimmers is a good thing in my eyes.

We were talking about fertility, like what if he isnt fertile. He does have some health issues that may contribute to that but one doesnt know such things until they see a dr. And he has never gotten a girl pregnant during his sexual past with women.

And the due date if I were to get pregnant, is my youngest childs birthday, how wild is that?

So June 1st is about when my period should start, the countdown is on.

Im going to make a drs appt though for the pill and have it scheduled, just in case, so I can get in right away and get that process started if my period does start.

Onto other news, I worked out so hard doing legs at the gym I was so exhausted and could barely walk. I pushed myself, I think it was the stress I just exerted a lot. I talked to boyfriend last night. He wants to buy my oldest a birthday present, Spiderman toy since he loves Spiderman. And asked me if I was ok with it, I said it was fine. 🙂 So he wants to come up by friday to give it to him and visit.

Boyfriend also got let go from his temp agency job yesterday. 🙁 Thats how a temp job goes, but he did make some good money during that time, I hope he can find another weekly 9-5 job again soon. So he will probably come over this week one eve, Im thinking of just having him over for dinner or something with all of us, We have never done that before.

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