Quiz about Me?

5 Favorite Drugs Store Items

Eh I dont shop in drug stores.

5 Reasons for not/doing drugs

1. Illegal

2. I dont like being out of control

3. My Children, being a good example

4. Im goofy without them just fine thanks

5. Afraid the one time I try Id have a bad reaction or get caught

5 Things I Loved About Elementary School

1. Heads Up 7up on a Rainy day indoors instead of recess

2. Buying lunch on Pizza day and hoping for a sticker on bottom of my tray to get free ice cream sandwich

3. Field Trips

4. Watching movies on a projector while sitting on the cafeteria floor in the dark.

5. When teachers read books to you and you would imagine a story in your head as they read. Envisioning characters and scenes.

5 Things I Plan To Do In The Near Future

1. Get out of debt

2. Move into another house.

3. Stay the night in a beach house.

4. Get divorce finalized

5. Bring Boyfriend out in the open with children and family after divorce is final.

5 Things I say the Most

1. Silly!

2. What are you doing?

3. I love you

4. Will you kids stop fighting!

5. QUIET! (said every sat morning when kids wake up at crack of dawn and play loudly on my day to sleep in)

5 Things That Scare Me

1. Making it on my own financially, can I do it? Do I have enough skills?

2. My Ex

3. Bunjee Jumping or Skydiving

4. Getting pregnant

5. The unknown

5 Things That Make Me Laugh

1. My friend, her sis and Mom when i spend time with the 3 of them I laugh so hard my sides hurt

2. My children

3. Boyfriends cute voice mails

4. Sat Nite Live

5. ummmmm dunno

5 Things That Make Me Angry

1. My Ex

2. People who take advantage

3. People who are unwilling to say sorry or admit doing wrong

4. Witnessing a parent screaming at a child in a abusive manner or seeing someone abusing a pet.


5 Things I Love

1. Boyfriend

2. My Kids

3. God

4. Family/Friends

5. Cookies

5 Things I Can’t Do

1. Dance well, I look like Im still from the 80s

2. Eat Potato salad, the smell and consistency makes me puke

3. I sun burn easy and get sun poisoning if I spend all day at the beach

4. Have a straight hairstyle in humid weather

5. Drink much alcohol, I have a low tolerance level.

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