Boyfriend & Love Notes

Dear Diary,

Went to counseling and it was good to just talk out some of the things that have been going on in my life and I feel I gained a little bit of new direction out of it.

I wrote the boyfriend an email today mentioning how it was watching him work on the tv, and how I envisioned him and I together and told him it probably sounds silly. I also told him how amazed I am that I happened to meet someone like him so soon after my split. How wonderful he is. 🙂

He emailed me back when he got home…

“muah, your gonna make me cry=0). funny thing is i can see that too so =0P~~~~~~~. Its not strange. We have just been lucky I guess huh? Good things like that happen sometimes. You are a wonderful person too dont forgt that you help me with alot of things as well. I love you and thank you for everything as well.

Loves ya babe

Also when I got home from work today he left a note under my bedside alarm clock that says..

“Dear Victoria,

It was wonderful to see you last night. I really am begginning to miss you when you arent around. I know that life is kinda hectic right now but thats ok, Im still here n stuff. I love yas. I hope that your day goes well and I will talk to you soon. Love ya lots and lots.”

I do a lot of thinking when I drive. And I was thinking about how he brought me the cable last night for the DVD player. It was a uncostly purchase, not a romantic gift or surprise. But it was still nice, it tells me that in his day he thinks of me, he took the time to find something for ME. And that means so much more to me. Or him bringing the book and reading an excerpt, these are the gifts i find more valuable. 🙂

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