Moody Vday MEN

Dear Diary,

Ok Im finally seeing Men can be just as moody as women. Dating man warned me before, but now im really seeing he was correct when he said “I can be a moody bitch” referring to himself.

So lets see read all my last few days entries for the Vday conflict with him. Ive dropped the Vday topic. Last status was he had to work, and I said dont worry about it, we can do something another night. And that was that. Ive just dropped it all. I had talked to his roomate about going over tonite and just leaving something in his room for him. So that was my plan. Well he comes online today just before work and says to me “What are you doing tonite?” I said nothing and am wondering why hes asking?? He then paused and said “So ummm is this where I invite myself over tonight?”

Ok now Im confused big time. Didnt I invite him over to begin with???? 2 days ago? So Im puzzled and say “Ummm yes silly I invited you over but you are the one who called me all frustrated and said you had to work and nevermind” He said “Oh Ive had my head shoved up my ass the past few days I cant even remember anything I said” WHA?

So I said “Sure you can come over but arent you working?” he said yes but is willing to drive up and see me late. So Im like Wow cool, he obviously wants to see me. Then one minute later he says “But Im skeptical” WHA? Of what? I ask. Where is this coming from? He says ” I dont want you thinking Im coming out just to sleep with you like you have said before in the past” Yeah at one time I had gotten frustrated cause our time together was limited to when my kids are asleep or away, and so I wanted more time doing other things then just in bed. But this isnt what we have been discussing. Then he says “And what if I dont show up with flowers and presents, you will be pissed at me huh?” I said NO? I have told him Im not about money. That Valentines Day is as simple as a hand written note placed in ones hand, or a slow dance by candlelight. He says “Well you have bought me stuff, thats BS you know you expect something” At this point Im starting to get annoyed and dont want to hear anymore. What is up with him? I was about ready to tell him that maybe its better he just go home tonite. Not that I dont love him, but what is with all this drama about Valentines Day. If he doesnt like it, fine. I then said to him ” Listen, Im a romantic and a dreamer, I like Valentines Day, and Im ready to invite Cupid Over tonite to stick you in the butt” he laughed. Then I said “Otherwise we can sit around and BAH HUM BUG and Curse VDAY together” he laughed again and told me how cute I am.

I really dont get it. I wish I knew what was going on in his brain. Been talking to coworker and he said “Maybe somebody dumped him on Valentines Day?” and he said “Maybe hes upset he doesnt have much money to spend on you?” Who knows? But I keep telling the guy its just about the love and thoughtfullness which can be expressed any number of ways. And I know if he truly couldnt stand this day why would he want to drive out and see me? But like I said, eeesh hes worse than a woman!!!!

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