Please dont say

I slept.

Laying across the bed in my tiny shorts and tank top, writing words on paper by candelight.

You came home from work, you said I was gorgeous.

So many fears go thru my head. Tears were shed earlier.

You werent there for them. You didnt know. You were tired yourself.

Sleep sweet Sleep

How I didnt want it to end.

But alas it did.

I was faced with those grinning faces, telling me about Her.

I didnt want to hear, I didnt acknowledge. I didnt want to hear, No stop stop I just dont want to know, PLEASE just dont tell me.

Those grinning faces didnt know any better, didnt realize what they were saying, what pain I was feeling.

I held back the crying.

Comfort to a some degree has returned. With soft smiles, gentle hugs, and ponderous questions filling my evenings. How wonderful it is to behold.

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